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Welcome To Heladiv

mr rohan fernando founder and ceo of heladiv tea

We believe in hard work and integrity. These are the two most vital ingredients that have made us strong today. As we celebrate a colossal milestone in the history of the company, we renew our energies and set our course on the path of the future.

Rohan Fernando, Chairman

HELADIV stems from the word Heladiva, symbolizing a product that is homegrown and synonymous with Ceylon Tea. HELADIV also connotes taking pride and distinction in an indigenous product while serving the needs of the modern marketplace.

Registered as a brand in over 40 countries around the world HELADIV has also been a pioneer in product development in keeping with the dynamic changes taking place in the global marketplace. So much so that it has carved out a special niche for itself in the international arena.

Our Vision

To make HVA FOODS PLC a truly global company dealing in every kind of tea & tea-based products.

Our Mission

To drive the flagship brand HELADIV to win customer confidence and loyalty in tea and tea based products in all corners of the world, thereby empowering HVA FOODS PLC to reach its objectives.

Our Story

One of Sri Lanka’s fastest growing exports companies and ranking among the largest tea exporters HVA Foods PLC. was established in 1996 as a BOI approved company.

Prior to that, the company began business in 1990 as HVA Lanka Exports Pvt. Ltd. as an affiliate of HVA International a Dutch-based agricultural development company that had a global presence. In 1993 the Company came under the ownership of a completely Sri Lankan board of directors.

mr rohan fernando tasting tea
heladiv tea club logo

Heladiv Tea Club

The concept café in the HELADIV TEA CLUB network was opened in December 2011 at the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct. Initial efforts in operating luxury cafes returned impressive results.

During the 1 ½ years of operation, the café brought invaluable expertise to strategize our expansion in this line of business. Judging by the posts on Facebook and comments left by customers in the visitor’s book, we are very much encouraged to develop this venture with new additions.

Community & Environment

Responsibility, loyalty and people’s strength are values that HELADIV strongly subscribes to. The company is committed to enhancing the quality of life of its people while making the company a profitable venture

heladiv staff
heladiv awards and credits

Innovations & Achievements

Since its inception, HVA Foods Limited has won many accolades including six Gold Awards as the Exporter of the Year in both traditional and non-traditional exports from Sri Lanka.

Annual Reports

HELADIV sales grew impressively in established markets as well as in new markets. The company also undertook extensive customer endearing programs to lay a strong foundation for market expansion. A detailed account of our financial activities is tabulated in the following Annual Reports.

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