certification & awards

certification & awards

Lion Logo

All teas packed under the HELADIV brand come with a guarantee of product quality. The Heladiv ‘Pure Ceylon Tea’ range is also branded with the Lion logo, the recognized seal of guarantee for single origin tea blends.

Ozone Friendly
Sri Lanka is a designated ‘ozone-friendly’ nation complying with all protocols related to the reduction of harmful chemicals that deplete the ozone layer including zero use of banned chemicals in Sri Lankan tea plantations. Ceylon tea is now among the cleanest produced in the world and consequently, the Heladiv ‘Pure Ceylon Tea’ range proudly carries the ozone-friendly Earth Lung logo on its packs.

Ethical Tea
The HVA Group conscientiously adheres to the corporate ethics elaborated elsewhere in this annual report. The company has enjoyed perfect industrial harmony over the years; testimony to our continuing practice of ethical values at every level and the reason why we term our products ‘guilt-free’.

Good Earth Policy
At the HVA production facility, we observe the ‘good earth policy’ focusing on the conservation of energy, minimal wastage, re-cycling of waste with zero emissions and the protection of fauna and flora. These principles are inherent in the Heladiv brand and in all we do.

Tea is a fine beverage that helps maintain a balanced life style. New research has emerged on the therapeutic and curative properties of tea, considered to be rich in anti-oxidants. Our research and development department continuously analyses our teas to balance taste, detect chemical residue and guarantee purity. Our products are pure and health supportive and aid in healthy living.