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HELADIV stems from the word Heladiva, symbolising a product that is homegrown and synonymous with Ceylon Tea. HELADIV also connotes taking pride and distinction in an indigenous product while serving the needs of the modern market place.

One of Sri Lanka’s fastest growing exports companies and ranking among the largest tea exporters HVA Foods PLC. was established in 1996 as a BOI approved company. Prior to that, the company began business in 1990 as HVA Lanka Exports Pvt. Ltd. as an affiliate of HVA International a Dutch-based agricultural development company that had a global presence.

In 1993 the Company came under the ownership of a completely Sri Lankan board of directors. We’re known as the maverick of the tea industry, for our unorthodox strategies and for completely redefining the very idea of tea in a nation where tea is simply a national beverage.

Yet all along, we have maintained a plain and simple approach in delivering our fine blends to a diversity of customers both here and abroad.

We brought fun, flavour and colour to a previously one-dimensional beverage, offering a new market of eager young tea drinkers a totally original taste experience. Today we market a portfolio of fine tea products ranging from bright, fruity flavours to traditional standards that together span a wide range of taste sensations, as we become simply, the definitive taste of Pure Ceylon Teas.

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