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Combining the mystics of ancient civilisations together with the bliss of a perfectly brewed cup of tea, this Mythical Series stands as an aesthetic appreciation of cultures across the globe. The range consists of four mythical beings, each representing a particular culture while symbolising certain characteristics, that when mingled with the tea will flow through you as a cycle that connects us to the mystics of our past, present and future, transforming the boundaries of your mood and imagination with each sip you take.

Product Code : HDFBTN0058

Fox Fire

(The Japanese Nine Tailed Fox)

A divine creature believed to be the embodiment of intelligence, wisdom and enlightenment as depicted with the number of tails it possesses - each tail indicating a century of wisdom attained. The silver white fox spirit is a representation of transformation and protection while possessing the power of fox fire, used for the extremes of protection or destruction while also being known for its persistently good and noble nature.

Breathe of Wonder

(The Chinese Phoenix)

The embodiment of life and renewal, this magical being is a representation of rejuvenation and power, also known to be graceful and, according to Oriental culture, a divine being of the heavens.

Product Code : HDFGTN0004

Product Code : HDFBTN0060

Wings of Infinity

(The Egyptian Scarab Beetle)

According to Egyptian mythology the Scarab Beetle stands as a symbol of divine intervention, immortality and transformation while also being known for protection, believed by the ancient Egyptians to have had close ties with the sun and the heavens.

Forest Whispers

(The Celtic White Stag)

Known to persistently elude its pursuers the White Stag is believed to be a symbol of change, highest attainment and transformation while being the embodiment of nobility, grace and all that is most pure.

Product Code : HDFBTN0059

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