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In a journey that was centred on breaking away from tradition and providing customers with a unique and exciting range of products, HVA Sri Lanka recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The company has always strived to challenge the industry norms through innovation and has ventured into the manufacture of non-traditional tea based items such as iced tea and tea-based products such as energy drinks and natural isotonic beverages.

The company has also ventured into the tea café segment by opening a concept tea lounge in Colombo backed by over 50 cafes spread across China. These Tea Cafes offer a wide array of the company’s special teas paired with delectable cuisine.

Speaking about the company’s future plans, Rohan Fernando, chairman of HVA Foods PLC said, “I want to make tea more than just a traditional hot beverage. This includes taking tea concentrate to the next level by exploring the possibility of manufacturing isotonic beverages and concoctions made using Ayurvedic herbs to harness therapeutic values.

In addition to the above, there are many other non-beverage innovations that will be developed in the future. We intend to internationally franchise our signature tea boutique namely ‘Heladiv Tea Club’ (HTC).

This venture has great potential as the enthusiasm in tea and herbal infusions are increasing. Furthermore, the tea boutique concept provides a great opportunity for us to develop tea gastronomy and tea mixology which focuses on using tea as an ingredient in food and beverage preparation.”

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