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mr rohan fernando founder and ceo of heladiv tea

We believe in hard work and integrity. These are the two most vital ingredients that have made us strong today. As we celebrate a colossal milestone in the history of the company, we renew our energies and set our course on the path of the future.

Mr Rohan Fernando, Chairman

The Professionalism

Inputs and finished products are tested to ensure that the specifications are maintained. Organoleptic, Chemical. Physical and Microbiological analysis is carried out in the in-house Research and Development Laboratory.

The Company is also finalizing arrangements to obtain the internationally reputed ISO 17025:2005 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories With its concerted efforts in Research and Development, the company has attracted much interest from local and international enterprises for synergized operations.

The international interest revives around the development of pharmaceutical products based on the lab trials done by R & D.

Ethical Tea


HVA Foods PLC is a company born in tradition and we have distinguished ourselves as a source for modern day needs. By integrating traditional manufacturing with unique, green initiatives we have set ourselves apart from our competitors.

We design, develop and manufacture products with a constant awareness of Environmental concerns. HVA Foods PLC is respectful of the consumer’s desire to contribute to the protection of the environment and it is our responsibility to offer products that meet this need. Without an understanding of today’s Ecological issues, it would be impossible for a company to forecast the market’s demands. Also, HVA Foods PLC replaced all of our factory lightings with energy efficient fluorescents equipped with sensors.

The factory separates waste such as Paper, Plastic, Organic & Metal and all scrap metals, cardboard and mixed paper are being recycled. Where paper is needed, 100% recycled paper is being used. However, we are striving towards a paperless office.

HVA Foods has also been awarded the Fair Trade certification as a result of the many measures it has taken to provide fair trading opportunities throughout the supply chain. As a HACCP compliant Company, all raw materials are sourced through a preferred supplier list.

All teas are purchased through a legitimate framework as specified and supervised by the Ceylon Tea Traders Association (CTTA) and the Sri Lanka Tea Board (SLTB). As a result, the prices paid for tea reflect true value, thereby activating a trickle-down effect to the tea grower and estate worker

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