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A special edition that encases only the cream of the crop from the best plantations in Ceylon. This range comprises of signature teas and infusions available in limited quantities, selected for their exquisite character and represents the crown of the Paradise range. This range consists of 12 artful and premier blends, presented in both luxury silken pyramid tea bags and as premium whole leaf teas to bring you the essence of the finest with every cup.

English Breakfast

True to its description, English breakfast tea is a British creation, originally made with teas from mid country estates in Colonial Ceylon. HELADIV English breakfast tea comes from the same estates, tasted and selected by expert tea tasters as in the past to bring out a strong but pleasing taste of real tea. Brew HELADIV English Breakfast tea strong and enjoy with a dash of fresh milk.

Earl Grey

One of the first additives to be used in tea, oil of bergamot gives the flavour to Earl Grey tea. The rind of the bergamot orange grown in the Calabria region of Italy is used to extract this exquisite natural additive which the world is curious about. HELADIV Earl Grey tea is made according to an age-old tradition of mixing a specially picked Ceylon tea with bergamot oil to produce an invigorating floral aroma.

Ceylon Sencha

Ceylon Sencha is a unique Green Tea made in the island of Sri Lanka and cherished by many a tea connoisseur. Ceylon Sencha has a brothy flavour and is soothing to consume any time of day. Made according to a special Japanese recipe by steaming freshly picked tea leaves to arrest fermentation, Ceylon Sencha has been selected for this collection due to its distinctively rich taste.


Vanilla belongs to the orchid family and is one of the most well known flavours in the world. Cultivated in the hill country of Sri Lanka around 4,000 ft above sea level, the vanilla plant requires manual coaxing in pollination to produce the flavourful vanilla pods. HELADIV has mastered the fine art of impregnating this delicate flavour into Ceylon tea which brings out the creamy mellow taste of Vanilla.

Chai Tea

A mixture of spices combined with strong Ceylon tea makes this blend a specialty amongst Asians. Chai Tea should be brewed strong and enjoyed ideally with milk and sweetener.


Ceylon Tea and Ceylon Cinnamon are world famous products. Both contain many curative properties and the blend of Ceylon Cinnamon in the form of chips and oil extracted from its bark gives HELADIV Cinnamon Tea a unique flavour and authenticity. Cinnamon tea is ideal as a morning pick me up beverage to complement a healthy breakfast.


Ginger, also known as Zingiber is a rhizome with therapeutic value that combats nausea and contains food digestive properties. HELADIV Ginger tea is a fine blend of premium Ceylon teas and real ginger chips for that invigorating experience of ginger tea. It is best drunk with a spoonful of bees honey and a float of sliced lemon.

Moroccan Mint

HELADIV Moroccan mint is a blend of Ceylon green tea with natural spearmint leaves. A specialty of the North- African countries, Moroccan mint tea can be drunk hot or ice cold and is the ideal accompaniment to a heavy meal due to its soothing properties.

Silver Tips

Classified as a white tea, Silver Tips of Ceylon origin is hand plucked, sun dried and specially processed for the HELADIV brand. The unopened buds of a broad leafed tea variety are used for making this unique tea, which is only available in limited quantities. Renowned the world over as a health enhancer because of the high content of antioxidants, HELADIV Silver Tips is a luxury tea of the highest quality.

Golden Tips

A close resemblance to Silver Tips, Golden Tips acquire its colour through the infusion of tea juice and dried to perfection for that shiny golden appearance. HELADIV Golden Tips are in high demand for its unique and subtle taste.


Peppermint (mentha piperita) is an essential herb in European cuisine. Peppermint is consumed also as tea to quell stomach upsets and to aid digestion. HELADIV peppermint tea is made from the finest ingredients selected from European herb gardens.


Chamomile is a herb known for its soothing properties and recommended by nutritionist to consume after dinner or before going to bed. HELADIV brings out a fine selection of Chamomile herbs imported directly from growers in the Middle East. HELADIV Chamomile is renowned for its acquired taste and quality assurance.

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