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A Tea for Every Season – a range of beautifully designed tins that encapsulates the spirit and mood of each of the four seasons. The Blends have been carefully selected by our master tea tasters using 100% Pure Ceylon HELADIV Teas.

Product Code : HDUGTN0004


Premium Gunpowder

Allow an explosion of flavour to revel from each sip of our premium gunpowder tea. With its bold and slightly smoky taste - the tea is higher in caffeine than most green tea. This refreshing blend is handpicked and aptly curated for the Spring Selection.


Premium Pekoe

Taste the fine premium grade of Black Tea offered in our Summer Selection. Once brewed, our tea gives out a rich aromatic scent while the liquor generally has a delicate taste - the perfect blend for a summer evening.

Product Code : HDUBTN0020

Product Code : HDUBTN0021


Premium OP1

Though named Orange Pokeo - the tea in no way tastes of the citrus fruit but was aptly selected to be the Autumn Selection as it symbolizes the leaves of the autumn season. OP1 is a first class premium grade tea and once brewed consists of a smooth, malty taste.


Earl Grey

Flavoured with the oil of bergamot, our Earl Grey tea is the perfect blend for those chilly wintry nights. There is something about the sweet, floral and bitter flavour profile of bergamot that blends perfectly with a bold, full-bodied and malty black tea making it an excellent choice for our Winter Selection.

Product Code : HDFBTN0059

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