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our philosophy

HVA Group’s social and ethical policy applies worldwide and acts as a reference point to guide employees and other stakeholders on the aspects that drive the conduct of HVA Group’s business relationships. The policy contains detailed provisions covering the following aspects:

  • Standard of conduct to be followed in dealing with employees and everyone with whom the group has relationships.
  • Compliance with the law and applicable regulations.
  • Community involvement and charitable assistance.
  • Continuous improvements in managing its environmental impact.
  • Full compliance with health and safety regulations.

environment impact & green initiatives

"A unique Green Policy that works" The HVA production facility is an accredited unit of the Central Environmental Authority - HVA Foods Ltd is a company born in tradition and we have distinguished ourselves as a source for modern day needs. By integrating traditional manufacturing with unique, green initiatives we have set ourselves apart from our competitors. We design, develop and manufacture products with constant awareness of Environmental concerns. HVA Foods PLC is respectful of the consumer's desire to contribute to the protection of the environment and it is our responsibility to offer products that meet this need. Without the understanding of today's Ecological issues it would be impossible for a company to forecast the market's demands. The energy policy of the company helps reduce energy costs in production whilst reducing the dependency on fossil fuels such as oil and coal. All buildings at the HVA complex are positioned to the solar path on an east-west orientation to facilitate maximum illumination through natural lighting during the day from 6 AM to 6 PM, requiring little or no artificial lighting. As a result the percentage of energy cost in relation to the turnover of the Group is less than 0.6%. Additionally, HVA Foods Ltd replaced all factory lighting with energy efficient fluorescents equipped with sensors. The factory separates waste such as Paper, Plastic, Organic & Metal and all scrap metals, cardboard and mixed paper are being recycled