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Delve into a world of flavour as the fittingly named Paradise Range of teas illustrates through their infused flavours the true essences of the island in a cup of brewed black tea.

golden ceylon

Golden Ceylon

Reminisce the golden era of tea with this eclectic collection of Ceylon’s finest. The four varieties available in this range are what has made Ceylon tea famous today around the globe with its unique taste and aroma. The Golden Ceylon range is available as leaf tea packs to be enjoyed plain, with or without sweetener.

Green Fields of Paradise

Ceylon Green Tea is world renowned for its unique taste and absolute purity in terms of minimum residue levels and zero contamination. The Paradise range of Green Tea comprises of shotty Pekoe, which is also known as Gun powder and tea bags containing finely selected small leaves from the Green fields of Paradise.

Sunrise in Paradise

Earl Grey is perhaps the earliest form of flavoured teas, derived from an oil extracted from the Bergamot Orange. The Earl Grey range presented under “Sunrise in Paradise” is popular across all age groups and is an ideal pick-me-up for any tea break.

Sunshine in Paradise

OPA is yet another Sri Lankan speciality, made from tender leaves with just enough rolling and firing to retain the wholeness of the tea leaf. Like the Sunshine in Paradise, OPA teas are available all year round and bring out a bright and cheerful demeanor to all who enjoy it.

Sunset in Paradise

Sri Lanka is famous amongst tea connoisseurs for its unique grade of Pekoe. Pekoe is a whole leaf tea rolled into shotty particles, using manufacturing techniques developed over a century. The Pekoe grades selected for this Paradise range are classic teas best served as a light brew, plain or with a touch of Lemon. The beautiful hues of a paradise sunset are best enjoyed in a relaxed mood with a cup of Pekoe tea in hand.

Lakes in Paradise

Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe (FBOP) from Sri Lanka is world famous for its perfect aroma and balanced strength which has made it the morning cuppa of choice for tea connoisseurs world wide. The Paradise range of teas introduces the best of Ceylon’s medium sized FBOP in leaf tea packs and fine small leaf in tea bags. These teas are best served plain, with or without sweetener.

Flavours of Paradise

This range of flavours are selected from natural and nature identical compounds, which when brewed creates an authentic taste of tea and brings out the sweet aroma of flavour with no chemical or bitter after taste.

English Breakfast

Legend has it that English Breakfast Tea originated in New York when a British merchant popularized a strong blend of Ceylon tea among the early settlements. However, according to another legend it was originally a Scottish breakfast tea, which was later adopted by Queen Victoria of England as she loved the blend and thus it came to be known as English Breakfast tea. True to its heritage, HELADIV English Breakfast Tea is a strong, full bodied cup of Ceylon’s finest tea.

Pride of Ceylon

We at Heladiv take pride in presenting ‘Pride of Ceylon’ tea in its finest form bringing you the experience of flavour that the most discerning consumer would appreciate. Our team of master blenders tax their knowledge and expertise to create this exceptional tea variety. Heladiv Pride of Ceylon is enjoyed ideally with a dash of milk with or without sweetener.

Heladiv Tea bag range

The HELADIV flavour range is a marriage of exotic flavours with the finest Ceylon tea that is invigorating, delicious and with a rich aroma that smells fantastic. We have a flavour for everyone; ranging from tropical fruits, exotic flowers to just plain black tea. These tea bags are enveloped in individual paper sachets or alu-foil sachets to retain the freshness and flavour.

Paper Tubes

The perfect combination of tea with real fruit pieces to brighten your day. Heladiv has a wide range of fruit teas rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that supports a healthy life.

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