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Known for its enticing blends and diversity of flavour, HELADIV is a leading tea exporter in Sri Lanka that continues to harbour a global presence today. Our unorthodox methods and tea-innovation techniques allow us to constantly experiment and expand our knowledge into tea and all its intricate elements, making HELADIV a true maverick in the tea industry!.

We specialise in formulating the finest blends of Pure Ceylon Tea, adding fun, flavour and colour to an otherwise one-dimensional beverage. The wide range of exquisite products that we offer continues to enthral and encapsulate anyone that happens to be a part of the HELADIV tea experience, redefining the very idea of pure ceylon tea.




The concept café in the HELADIV TEA CLUB network was opened in December 2011 at the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Initial efforts in operating luxury cafes returned impressive results.

Tea Extraction

The extraction of Flavour is essential to the process of perfecting Heladiv tea. The mere art consists of 100% Ceylon Tea extracts and real fruit extracts therefore giving you the perfect blend of black tea infused in flavour

Heladiv Ready to Drink (RTD) Ice Tea

Prepare to reinvigorate your senses with each sip as you taste the refreshing deliciousness of authentic Sri Lankan ice tea! The Heladiv Ready To Drink (RTD) Ice Tea, made using 100% ceylon tea and real fruit extracts, comes in a variety of exotic tastes and flavors. Not only is each tea packed with antioxidants, but is packaged into convenient, easy-to-carry TETRA packs – ideal for your time spent outdoors!

Heladiv Ice Tea Cordial/Syrup

This exciting tea-extraction that HELADIV offers you comes in the form of an Ice Tea Cordial. Each concentrate is made using 100% pure ceylon tea, and is prepared using a methodology that retains its natural flavors.The 6 enticing flavors each concentrate comes in can be mixed with soda water into a refreshing juice that satisfies your senses, whisked into a cocktail, or even used to create your favorite mid-afternoon ice cream sundae!
with Green Tea

King Coconut Water

Ever wondered of an easy way to replenish yourself after a long day of work, or hours of exercise at the gym? HELADIV King Coconut Water brings to you nature’s finest ingredients in the form of a delicious, 100% natural thirst quencher!

Rich in bioactive enzymes and electrolytes, this concoction not only incinerates fat molecules, but even helps boost your immune system. Staying true to our roots, this drink is also infused in tea (both black tea and green tea) and is a truly wonderful harmony of flavours – an absolute must try!


The R&D laboratory of HVA, also known as the “Bumble Bee Concept Center” is the country’s first standardized laboratory and development center for Ceylon Tea. The key objective of the laboratory has been the development of new value added concepts, utilizing tea and other organically grown produce that go beyond the traditional tea industry approach.It is this novel way of thinking that has enabled HELADIV to rise above the competition with an unrivaled product portfolio and marketing strategies.

The BumbleBee Concept Center currently boasts many innovative new business ventures which include Tea infused salads ,spa products and the very latest; Ferti Bricks- Where reusable tea waste ( after brewing can beused to create mini bricks that once placed amongst vegetation and plants is a suitable fertilizer).

The Bumble Bee Concept Centre has been fitted with the most cutting edge equipment of its kind such as spectrophotometer, sophisticated analytical balances, Research & Development pH meters and Laminar flow facility for Microbiological testing among others. The laboratory is also in the final stages of obtaining the ISO 17025:2005 – General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, a first for any dedicated tea value addition research laboratory in Sri Lanka. HVA has also invested in highly qualified staff and industry leading consultants who drive and provide direction to the innovative process.



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