Our Story

HELADIV stems from the word 'Heladiva', which was an ancient name for Ceylon that the nationalists used, when referring to the island during the uprising against colonial rule. In 1880, when a famous Russian poet visited the island of Ceylon, its natural beauty mesmerised him. The scenes and images of misty mountains rising up to touch the clouds, mile upon mile of unspoiled pristine beaches, a warm sunrise and a golden sunset across an expansive Indian ocean, thousands of glistening water bodies and virgin rain forests filled his emotions to make the following statement in the hotel guest book:

Paradise on earth gives credence to

- Anton Chekhov -

Our Journey

HVA Lanka export (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1990 as an affiliate of HVA International, a Dutch based agricultural development company with a global presence. In 1997, the company became a BOI-approved entity after a successful share issue and today HVA Foods PLC is one of the few tea companies to be listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange.

HELADIV is today registered in over 45 countries around the world.

HVA's portfolio of products have now transcended from traditional tea to modern ready-to-drink iced tea variants. It has also introduced superfoods like Moringa, spice teas and herbal infused beverages to suit wellness, mixology, culinary and HORECA needs. Founded by an expert tea connoisseur Rohan Fernando, counting over 4 decades of local and global experience in the industry, having worked at Brooke Bond, Ceylon Health & Co etc. HVA Foods PLC has been built upon a strong foundation of quality, consistency and innovation.

HVA Foods PLC is now a part of the George Steuart Group of Companies, synergising the brand's innovative spirit with the stability and corporate strength of one of the most dynamic, diversified conglomerates in the country, with a rich legacy in Ceylon tea and coffee.

“ Welcome to the world of HVA Foods PLC. We stand committed to give you the ultimate level of service, quality and value. We have streamlined operational systems with the industry’s most competent human capital, to serve you. We continue to innovate our product offering with the willing flexibility to tailor make solutions to fit your specific requirement. Come visit us at www.heladiv.com and experience what we have created, crafted and innovated for you.”

of the Board of Directors & Management Team of HVA Foods PLC.

What is the Paradise tree

For over a hundred years Ceylon Tea has been famously known as “the best tea in the world”. Its premium characteristics, variety of flavours and enriching aromas are influenced by a unique mix of climatic and geological conditions prevalent at the plantations in the many different tea growing regions of Sri Lanka.

However, planted in Ceylon from about 1825 it was coffee that launched the plantation sector on the island prior to tea. A leaf disease that spread throughout the coffee plantations brought this booming industry to a halt in 1869. As a result, plantation owners replaced coffee with the stronger and more resilient commercial crop of tea thus giving birth to a whole new industry.

In 1824 the British brought a tea plant from China to Ceylon and planted this in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya, near Kandy. This is considered to be the first tea plant in Sri Lanka. In 1867, a Scotsman, James Taylor, planted 19 acres of tea in the Loolecondra Estate, outside Kandy. This then became the first tea plantation in Ceylon, and the first local sale of Loolecondra teas was recorded in 1872 and the first tea consignment sent to London in 1873.

During the next twenty years, in a frantic effort to avoid financial ruin, coffee planters in Ceylon converted their decimated acreages to tea which was a remarkable effort as it involved wide-scale uprooting and burning of millions of infected coffee bushes.

Thus the birth of “Ceylon Tea” like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes, brought to life a new plantation crop. Since then tea has remained an integral part of the national economy, often dubbed as the green gold of Sri Lanka. The reverence for this nationally important tree in the land ancient travellers referred to as the 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean', 'Serendib', 'Taprobana' and 'Paradise on Earth' is depicted through the 'Heladiv Paradise Tea tree'.

A brand with a Global Recognition

Being an innovator means going where nobody has gone before. Over the years we are proud to be recognized as the tea innovators and we promise to pioneer on!

All our products conform to the highest global standards for safety, quality, and fair compensation for all our stakeholders